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High Performance Wiring Harness


Wiring harnesses are an important component for transferring signals/electricity/data in any automotive vehicle. Since 1996 Omni Matrix has been manufacturing Specialised Wiring Harnesses for Indian Automotive Market. Omni Matrix has built itself a niche for Coiled Cables used for connecting Truck-Trailers, Car-Trailers and Tractor-Trailers. With semi-automatic assembly lines Omni Matrix is ready to meet your Wiring Harness requirements.

Served Sectors

Wire Harness Assembly


Wire Harness Assembly


Wire Harness Assembly


Wire Harness Assembly

Specialised Applications

Value Added Services

Wire Harness Assembly

Specialised Assemblies

Complex assemblies can be assembled keeping parameters in check

Wire Harness Assembly

IP Rated Assemblies

Cables are made water
and dust-proof

Wire Harness Assembly


We are able to do Sub-Assemblies as well as final product assemblies

Wire Harness Assembly

End of Line Testing

End of line testing can be done for the products which are critically important

Technical Specifications

Capabilities & Services

Machine Details:

Assembly Machines
Automated Crimping machines to crimp 0.5sqmm to 4sqmm
Dip soldering
Orbiter riveting machine
Pad printing machine
Semi automatic wire cutting equipment
Striping machines
Ultrasonic welding machine
Validation equipment

Types of Crimping


Bullet Terminal Crimping
(Hexagonal Shape)


Ground Terminals Crimping
(Hexagonal Shape)


Male Crimping
(“W” Shape)


Female Crimping
(“W” Shape)

Part Production Capabilities

  • Due to modular assembly line any Customised/Standard wiring harness can be manufactured.

Electric Variants

  • Both 12 V and 24 V variants can be manufactured. Omni Matrix has different supplier sources for both PVC and PC core wires according to ISO 6722-1

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