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Design & Prototyping


Custom solutions can be designed based on the customer’s needs. The solutions are both cost and time effective, we cater small batches to provide solutions for the customers from our dynamic engineering team. At Omni Matrix we can provide both Prototype development as well as a serial manufacturing facility as we have a well maintained and developed manufacturing facility.

Value Added Services

Design & Prototyping

Selection of a Suitable
Raw Material

Design & Prototyping

Designing and Manufacturing
of Moulds

Design & Prototyping


Design & Prototyping

Technological Solutions for
Critical Components

Design & Prototyping


Technical Specifications


  • Custom projects
  • Visual prototyping

Our Design Capabilities

  • Plastic Injection moulded parts
  • Wiring Harness
  • Handles and Joysticks
  • Progressive stamped parts
  • Solenoid Coils
  • Assembly

Special Purpose Machines (SPM)

Omni Matrix offers the best engineering solutions to ensure top quality and to optimize manufacturing cycles. Our engineers show astute knowledge in Special purpose machine (SPM) building, which comes in handy to manufacture according to customer specifications and to ensure all processes take place in-house. Here are Some of our machines built according to customer needs:

  • A Machine to Check Surge, Resistance, and Ink Jet Printing with a pick and place robot using pneumatics.
  • A Machine to Check Surge, Resistance, and Laser Printing with an indexing table.
  • A Machine to checking the quality of Pad printed parts for medical parts.
  • An automated robot with injection molding machine.

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Design & Prototyping
Solenoid Coil
Design & Prototyping

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