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Omni Matrix Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore-based organization that specializes in the manufacture of high-precision Engineering components that are used in various mission-critical equipments, across industry sectors.

Established in 1996, the company began operations with build-to-print products in the initial years. Going by the good response from the market to these products, the company went on to build capabilities around contract manufacturing and product design. Today, the company sells products under its own brand, besides manufacturing active, electro-mechanical components for critical applications.

These components are used in Automotive, Power Protection, Aerospace, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Electronics, Electrical, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Off-highway Vehicle systems and allied industry sectors. Read more...


Tool Design & Manufacturing

Design Capability is one of the strengths of Omni Matrix. A strong manufacturing background of over 5 decades across different group companies enables us to offer practical solutions designed for manufacturing.

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Injection Moudling

Omnimatrix manufactures Injection Moulding components on a build-to-print model for Automotive, Healthcare, Electrical and Industrial markets. Our horizontal moulding machines range in capacity from 50T to 500T.

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Harness Assembly Facility

Omni Matrix manufactures harnesses and sockets for establishing electrical and data connection between the truck tractor and trailer of Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs). Our products are designed and manufactured to meet international standards such as ISO and SAE.

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Solenoid Coil Manufacturing

Equipped with coil winding, welding, semi-automatic assembly and testing machines, Omnimatrix manufactures fuel injector coils meant for automotive applications. We test our products for thermal shock and salt ingress apart from ohmic and surge tests which are conducted during the assembly process.

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